noviembre 21, 2018
Bogota, Colombia
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The María Cano University Foundation, requires linking for its Physiotherapy program CALI headquarters, a Clinical-Osteomuscular area teacher, who will be in charge of leading the effective learning processes and the comprehensive training of students in subjects and practices related to the program and participate in activities extension, social projection and research.

Among your functions will be:

1. Plan, direct and execute the annual work plan according to the institutional guidelines.

2. Participate in the development of continuing education programs, social projection and research according to the requirements of the program.

3. Permanent academic advice to students in the classroom, laboratories and practice.

4. Facilitate the integration of theoretical-practical knowledge during practice.

5. Generate academic-research production that strengthens the academic processes of the program.

6. Carry out academic, administrative and research activities derived from teaching work.

7. Participation in all updating and training programs scheduled at the institution

* Physiotherapist, specialist or master's degree in orthopedics, musculoskeletal, sports, neurology.

* Work experience in the clinical, sports sector.

* Minimum of one year teaching experience

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